Our Management Team

The success of our organization begins with good leadership. Our management team will foster hard work ethic, teamwork, dedication, creativity, and a high focus on objectives. Management is accountable for results, and excellence is rewarded.

Patrick Tcheunou, Co-Founder and CEO

Patrick Tcheunou is a Cameroonian native who grew up farming coffee and many other food crops. He has a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. Patrick has more than nine years of combined industrial and research experience and was trained in coffee export with the International Trade Center (ITC) and other related trainings.

Tamara Trager, Co-Founder and Director of Communication

Tamara Trager has a Master's degree in Psychotherapy. She has more than six years of business ownership experience and was a trained coffee exporter.

Jesse Chia, Operations Director - Coffee

Mr. Chia has a Bachelor's degree in Thermal and Energy Engineering from the University Institute of technology Douala-Cameroon. He has experience in engineering applications related to agriculture and has worked on designing windmills for the farm irrigation systems in Cameroon. Jesse manages the farm operations in the North West region.  

Salomon Pierre Assamba, Operations Manager - Cacao

Salomon was trained as a Master Technician of Agriculture at Centre Universitaire de Dschang (CUDS). He has over thirty years experience in forestry and agriculture, most recently consulting as the Senior Manager of Agriculture Breeding and Forestry for Limited Africa Division.  

Gerrit Thanko, Field Manager

Mr. Gerrit Tchanko is a Cameroonian Native who grew up farming coffee and many other food crops. He has received training in Arabica coffee farming from the Cameroonian Government and in Cocoa farming from a local organization. Gerrit specializes in Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management. He got his Master's degree from the University of Manchester, UK.


Synthia Maginelle, Administration and Human Resources Manager

Ms. Synthia Maginelle holds a Master degree in Human Resources Mangement from the Catholic University in Cameroon. She has experience not only in Human resources Management, but also in Marketing, Sales and Communication. Her experience has been with Petroleum, Marketing, Supply Chain companies as well as the Labor and Social Security Department in Cameroon among others.  


Luc Nkouekam

Luc Nkouekam, Field Inspector and Technical Engineer

Luc Nkouekam is a senior electrical technical engineer Cameroonian native and an inventor. He has more than forty years experience of farming including coffee, cocoa, and many others food crops. Luc has more than 30 years of experience in industrial maintenance, construction, logistic, buying, and transportation.


Jill Schnipke, Global Operations Lead

Jill has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Biology. She has over ten years of experience in training, communications, and business operations, including international locations. 


Grace, Agronomy Consultant - Cocoa

Grace Ayuk Mbakpor has a Bachelor's of Science in Botany and a Masters degree in Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences. She possesses specialty crop production with over 4 years of experience working with IRAD Barombi and other Non-Governmental Organizations in Cameroon. She is a valuable consultant with the Smart Globe International team. 


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