Our Values

Smart Globe International, LLC in Denver, Colorado, seeks to sustain and support the world coffee economy by producing first-rate cocoa and coffee beans. We have teams based in the U.S. and Cameroon working towards our vision of producing high level products farmed and managed by Cameroonian locals. Our company is founded on the following values:


Smart Globe International, LLC is committed to putting the wellness of its community, customers, and employees first by following through with what we say we will do. We do so by utilizing responsible, sustainable, and fair trade practices.


We are constantly looking for operation needs as well as market demand movement to design the best solutions, strategies, or simply adapt. Innovation and focus help the company grow in the face of increasing competition by taking advantage of emerging opportunities.


Our company is dedicated to operating sustainable development of its communities and the company as a whole. We integrate environmental, social, ethical, and financial considerations while executing our business strategy. Sustainable farming will allow us to use land, water, and other resources in a responsible way. 

Passion to Exceed Expectations

Meeting if not exceeding customer and community expectation is our priority. We strive to exceed production and financial targets and take responsibility for the results. Management communicates its vision and objectives to the team and aims to exceed them. The company incentivizes consistent hard work, dedication, efficiency, innovation, and good results.

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