Our Values

Smart Globe International, LLC in Denver, Colorado, aims to sustain and support the world coffee economy by producing first-rate cocoa and coffee beans. We have teams that are based both in the U.S. and Cameroon to help us communicate and follow through with any questions. Our company is founded on the following values:


Smart Globe International, LLC is committed to putting the wellness of its community, customers, and employees first. We will do so by paying fair wages and compensating for illness or injury.  We value the environment and will take great efforts to reduce the pollution of land, water, and other natural resources where our local employees live. SGI will make choices and act in a manner that does not support corruption.


We will adapt to the needs of consumers and the market.  SGI strives to streamline production processes by being on the pulse of technology. We employ leaders in the agriculture field who are engineering new products. 


Our company is dedicated to operating sustainably in the development of its communities and the company as a whole. We will integrate environmental, social, ethical, and financial considerations while executing our business strategies

Passion to Exceed Expectations

Meeting if not exceeding customer and community expectations is our priority. We strive to exceed production and financial targets and take responsibility for the results. Management will communicate its vision and objectives to the team and aims to exceed them. The company incentivizes consistent hard work, dedication, efficiency, innovation, and good results.

About Smart Globe International, LLC

Get superior cocoa and coffee beans from a U.S. based business. Smart Globe International, LLC aims to invest into the community in the following areas


Education is an important aspect of every community. We support education in the local farming communities by offering paid internships to students every year and by sharing good agricultural practices to teach and support local farmers.

Community Life

Transforming lives of other people is one of our focuses. We are committed to investing and supporting programs that improve the well-being and safety of the communities where we live and operate.


Smart Globe International, LLC prioritizes hiring local Cameroonian workers to give them the opportunity to work while taking care of their families. They can also reinvest their time by joining programs that support their community.


We invest in sustainable and organic practices to minimize if not eliminate the operational impact to water, soil, and air. We commit to obtaining certifications that support this goal.

Management Team

The success of our organization begins with good leadership. Our management team will foster hard work ethic, teamwork, dedication, creativity, and a high focus on objectives. Management is accountable for results, and excellence is rewarded.


Patrick and Tamara Tcheunou were married in 2013. They live in Denver, Colorado, with their two sons. The vision for Smart Globe International, LLC grew from the desire to create a business that would tap into Patrick's Cameroonian heritage and family history of farming, fill a need in the growing market for coffee and cocoa in the United States, and develop a family business that can grow over the years.

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