Outstanding Arabica Coffee & Cocoa Beans

Discover the finest selection of organic Arabica coffee and cocoa beans at Smart Globe International, LLC in Denver, Colorado. We produce premium-grade beans using eco‑friendly harvesting methods. Due to the swiftly approaching cocoa shortage, we are acutely aware of the world's need for increased production. Currently, research is being conducted by agricultural engineers in Cameroon to evaluate soil, climate conditions, and growing potential. We are open to early discussions with possible importers in the U.S.

Arabica Coffee Farming

Smart Globe International, LLC is currently developing 16 hectares of land and aspires to develop a 200 hectare Arabica coffee farm in the Northwest province of Cameroon. By 2020, our sustainable organic farm in this high altitude region is expected to produce about 330 tons of green Arabica coffee beans per year. The harvested coffee cherries will be processed using the wet method, which involves fermenting and de‑pulping the beans. Then  the beans will be naturally dried under the sun.

Cocoa Farming

We are also launching the development of 20 hectares in the Mbam region, which is located in the center of Cameroon. This land is primarily for growing cocoa and by 2020, our sustainable organic farm is expected to produce about 220 tons of dry cocoa beans per year. The harvested cocoa product will be fermented using the box method, then naturally dried under the sun. The box method of fermenting cocoa beans involves spreading the beans in a wooden box and covering them with banana leaves.  Holes puncture the bottom of the box which allows the moisture to seep out before being dried. 

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