Sustainable Coffee & Cocoa Bean Farming Company headquartered in Denver, Colorado

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Smart Globe International, LLC will produce the best Arabica coffee and cocoa beans from Cameroon. We intend to follow the strictest standards to ensure quality products.

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In addition to our goal towards long-term growth and profitability, we also aim to build livelihoods and social programs. Learn about our values as a fair trade coffee and cocoa company.

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Our business, based in Denver, Colorado, aspires to provide superior products nationwide.

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Learn about Smart Globe International, LLC

Smart Globe International, LLC is dedicated to growing and importing Cameroonian dried cocoa and green coffee beans to the United States. Our company is built upon a solid and clear path to long‑term growth, profitability, and social responsibility. We aim to become a leader in sustainable, modern, organic farming using smart and fair business practices. We are focused on promoting the employment of engineer‑educated women as managers and experienced female farmers while allowing flexible schedules for raising families.

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Contact us today in Denver, Colorado, for forward-thinking coffee bean and cocoa farming solutions.
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